Peter Bodenham, potter and visual artist

Gold - Aur Craft in the Bay

  AUR at Craft in the Bay exhibited the new work by the ten most recent winners of the Gold Medal for Craft & Design at the National Eisteddfod Festival open exhibition Y Lle Celf. Peter Bodenham/Lowri Davies/Natalia Dias/Anne Gibbs/Carol Kingsbury Gwizdak/Suzie Horan/Walter Keeler/Pamela Rawnsley/Mari Thomas/Theresa Nguyen.   ... Read more about Gold - Aur Craft in the Bay

Eisteddfod 2014

National Eisteddfod Special Exhibition - ‘Dan y Wyneb’ The Special Exhibition at the 2014 National Eisteddfod, Carmarthenshire at the Millennium Coastal Park Llanelli featured artefacts from the Carmarthenshire Museum and creative responses to the collection by the artist potter Peter Bodenham and the Rev. Towyn Jones. The Special Exhibition is titled ‘Dan y Wyneb’, commiss... Read more about Eisteddfod 2014

Utility & Ceramics

The ceramic work is a return to where I started my art education in the early 1980’s. In 2009 my creative practice shifted from creating sculptures, interventions and site-specific installations to making utilitarian objects and pots. This self-imposed creative challenge frames my current creative practice. There are two clear strands to the work, one functional, thrown pots made for daily use. ... Read more about Utility & Ceramics

Ceramic Milk Cooler 05

Ceramic Milk Cooler

‘Gathered World’ Exhibition Peter Bodenham interest in the museumification of objects lies at the heart of his engagement with ‘Gathered World’. It is significant that his chosen artefact, a humble, terracotta milk cooler, is taken from a museum display. Removed from the domestic space, this once functional item now seems impotent. However, for Peter it transforms into a charged and po... Read more about Ceramic Milk Cooler

Interventions 3


Although intervention by its very nature carries an implication of subversion, it is now accepted as a legitimate form of art. Intervention can also refer to art that enters a situation outside the art world in an attempt to change the existing conditions or simply to create a rupture in the social or cultural order. Most of these interventions have taken place within the context of Ointment event... Read more about Interventions



Purchased for National Assembly of Wales Collection This spoonscape features a branch with carved spoons either end, architectural model trees, text and a accompanying drawing. The welsh text translates 'inhabit'. This form of small wall frames a method of making sculpture that keeps throwing up possibilities; it's an itch that steel needs scratching. ... Read more about Sculpture



Walker - ink drawing - 38 x 29 cm. Calvin & Nike - Pencil on wood 70.5 x 49cm Flaneur - ink on paper - size A1 Untitled - Pencil on wood - 50 x 35cm Home / Cartref - Pencil on wood - 100 x 126cm Gardner 1 pencil on wood 65cm x 49cm... Read more about Drawings


Walk With Me

Walk-With-Me is an on going artist led project to inspire people to walk, record and share their thoughts, images and experiences online. The thumb sticks are cut and made from the hedgerows in West Wales by Peter Bodenham. The sticks have been numbered and purposely placed in the world. Peter hopes individuals will steal these abandoned sticks, take them home, and be inquisitive and generous enou... Read more about Walk With Me

Eli 1


The project spanned the seasons between summer 2004-spring 2005. For each individual group member the process and research uncovered and created intense and productive outcomes. We met at regular points though out the year usually taking walks in West Wales traversing different habitats gathering small numbers of plants and herbs, from which we made ointment, maps, collected sound and video mat... Read more about Eli

crwydro 1

Crwydro (wander)

This was a collaboration between artists' collectives Ointment and Boreal Art/Nature. A period of process-led expedition and exchange wandering the woodland and uplands of the Preseli hills. At the culmination of the project the work was shown at Clynfyw Countryside Centre Pembrokeshire. The work produced by Peter came together in the form of an installation consisting of drawings and artefacts cr... Read more about Crwydro (wander)

2mph 2


'2mph', undertaken in the summer of 2002 involved walking continuously from Cardigan in West Wales to London, with fellow artist Simon Whitehead, a goose and a dog, tracing the old drovers roads. The aim of the project was to produce a deep map of the journey then present material at the ResCen Nightwalking festival of performing arts conference, London. For further information see www.untitedstat... Read more about 2mph



TRACE - THE CAT SHOW CARDIFF ART IN TIME International Performance Art 14th - 17th March 2007 Cardiff School of Art & Design [CSAD] University of Wales Institute Cardiff [UWIC] Sculpture Court & locations, CSAD Ointment - 'Scratch' Ointment responded to the courtyard environment of the college site. The group carried several hundred bales of straw through the building i... Read more about Scratch

suit 2

Suit Project

The project was centred upon the farming community in West Wales. Peter was interested in exploring the current social and cultural landscape of farming through a socially engaged art project. He selected and work with five farmers representative of the type of agriculture within the Cardigan area. Asked the farmers to work in a formal business suit, with the aim of introducing a symbolic and surr... Read more about Suit Project